Financial Company
"Vilena" LLC

The goals of the Company are to implement commercial initiatives in trade, investment and other areas of business, as well as support a promising and modern business philosophy.

The Company implements a wide range of opportunities to expand its business, develop partnerships, including by attracting funding for promising commercial projects, scientific and social start-ups.

The Company has experience in assisting clients in securing funding from international financial institutions.

The goals of the Company

Main areas of activity

Business and management consulting services.
Management of financial markets, investments in securities, provision of consulting services on financial intermediation, bill lending.
Investment projects in the field of commercial and residential real estate, real estate management.
Infrastructure projects in the fields of energy, agriculture and food production.
Wholesale of fuel, ores and metals, construction materials, chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals.

“SPFC “Vilena” performs specific tasks to achieve specific goals for its corporate clients. To provide efficient service, the company works closely with a network of partners, relevant government agencies and international financial institutions.

The company offers its clients a comprehensive exposure to multilateral institutions dealing with international trade, investment and business programs.

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